What if you could write better, faster and do more in the next 90 DAYS than you have in the last THREE YEARS?

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There is no other industry in the world like Hollywood where you can go from being a complete unknown to an industry player earning top dollar on your first project.

Step 1: Total creative freedom without boundaries…

Imagine this…you’re on your way to work, you swerve because a squirrel runs across the street, your car bounces over the curb and you find yourself accelerating down a steep incline towards two old ladies pushing a baby carriage…

Right before the collision you’re thinking to yourself…Now this would be a great scene in a movie!

Unlike any other software, with Plot Control you can start from any point of inspiration…whether it’s the most ridiculous scenario or just everyday events.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a song, the news, your own life or even from the mind of a crazy squirrel. From this one point in the creative process, you develop the idea into a complete story.

Using the tools that are already built into the software, you will never have any doubts about where to actually begin.

“I was seriously contemplating giving writing away when a fortnight ago I received an email from InkTip about your software. Initially I thought, yeah, just another software I’ll buy and won’t use… but when I watched your intro videos I was hooked.

This program is definitely worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable program. All us aspiring writers are extremely grateful!”

Kim Jacobs, Australia

(UPDATE: Kim’s script that she wrote using Plot Control is a finalist in the 2012 EXTREME SCREENPLAY CONTEST: “So excited… couldn’t have done it without you!”)

Step 2: Seize Every Opportunity and Capitalize on Every Idea…

So as soon as you get out of the hospital, you rush to your copy of Plot Control because you know that you’ve got a great story to tell and the software will help you to unlock your story’s true potential.

I mean the fact that those two old ladies and the baby weren’t even harmed was just a miracle…A MIRACLE I TELL YOU!! (Even everyone in the emergency room agreed)

Plot Control’s proprietary layout allows you to see all of Reelwriting’s “Core Elements” and the Structural Timeline. This way you can take all of your ideas as they come to you, and know where they fit into your story.

In addition, you have the 13 Questions and Story Triangulation Features that guide you through the formulation of your characters and plot.

“I met Mitchell, Howard and Sean recently at the Inktip Conference in Los Angeles. After hearing a little more about what they do, I challenged Mitchell to assist me with a project that I had been hired to write. In fact, I remember telling him that I had to leave in about 45 minutes and Mitch said, “I need 10”. We sat down…just the two of us with his software Plot Control. He asked me questions, filled in the blanks, and all of the holes in my story become abundantly clear. In fact, it was inspiring. I had been struggling with the 3rd act and putting off delivery, but with the help of Plot Control it was like I plowed through a creative wall. Everything became clear. Since working with Mitch, I was able to re-craft the entire outline and get it to my Producers for approval. In fact they loved the new work.”

Steven Goldmann, DGA, DGC, Broken Bridges (Paramount), Trailer Park of Terror (Summit)

Step 3: Write better, faster and get it right the first time…

Of course everyone kept telling you that you’re crazy for thinking you could turn this idea into a screenplay “worthy of Hollywood”.

But none of them stopped you, because you knew that Plot Control allowed you to create truly layered, three-dimensional characters and integrated storylines by way of its unique process.

The software allows you to build out your story dynamically with its built in drag and drop capabilities on the structure timeline…rearranging things until you get it right.

And because of the built in Core Elements and structural maps, you can spend your time thinking about the creative elements of your story and not on the minutiae of structure.

When you’re ready, it takes just a SINGLE CLICK of the button to generate your story’s entire outline.

“Good story telling starts with good structure… and good structure starts with Plot Control. This software is like structure on steroids. It structures a story’s “Core Elements”, it “Triangulates” & structures your thematic elements, and of course it structures your three acts. With Plot Control structure is just done for you. (Very Cool.)”

Andy Jenkins, Producer and Partner: Haxan Films

Step 4: Write the story your mother always knew you could…

Despite all the doubts and all the naysayers it was your Mom who always stood by you and believed that you really had it in you and guess what…she was right!

Plot Control is the result of literally thousands of hours of dissection and research into Hollywood’s most successful movies to find that pattern that made those movies work so well not just by financial standards, but also in terms of their critical acclaim.

With your scene-by-scene breakdown in hand, you get cranking on the actual script knowing full well that your story structure and all the key elements are accounted for. In short, you know that your story WILL WORK as a movie.

“Mitch has developed a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. Having produced, written and directed movies and television for thirty years, this screenplay program is the most useful tool I have ever seen. Plot Control is the best tool for the young and established writer in helping them map out a successful story.”

Rocky Lang, Producer/Director/Writer, White Squall (A Ridley Scott Film), Nervous Ticks, Titanic

Step 5: Increase your chances of selling your script to Hollywood…

Suddenly your project is gaining interest from agents, managers and producers.

No one can believe how far you’ve come, but you know that you’ve written the kind of screenplay that Hollywood is looking for.

“I’ve done a few courses and read dozens of books over the years and never got even close to a decent script. After just two months or so in this program I have a first draft and even interested producers. This course showed me how to do it (which no book could) and the private coaching with Mitchell German helped me to refine the concepts clearly. Without this course I would still just be sitting with a few index cards and a disjointed story.”

Martin Nel, South Africa

Get Plot Control 2.0 NOW so you won’t miss out on your next idea.

  • Total creative freedom without boundaries!
  • Seize every opportunity and capitalize on every idea!
  • Write better, faster and get it right the first time!
  • Write the story your mother always knew you could!
  • Increase your chances of selling your script to Hollywood

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This program has clarified how I look at plotting and has really helped me overcome issues and “see” the dynamics through Plot Control. It just makes good sense. And my rewrite is going very well… Maybe because I know where I’m going!!”

Dawn Crouch, Current Reelwriting Client

“I recently bought a copy of Plot Control, and I have to say it’s awesome. I finally have a concrete system for outlining. Up until now my spiral notebook of random ideas was my prewriting process, but I can now focus on the use of proper story structure. I also found that I can easily work on multiple projects at the same time. You guys will be in the list of “thank yous” when I accept my Oscar.”

Ryan Binse, Current Reelwriting Client

“I’m really enjoying the software. The visual aspect of outlining really speaks to me.”

Cheryl Farr, Current Reelwriting Client


“I know writers who pay $250 -$300 a month for “mentoring” from established experts and from what I’ve seen of the results… you kick their ass.

Tim Elliott, Current Reelwriting Client


Plot Control Quick Start Training - These videos will guide you through using Plot Control 2.0 and the key aspects of the Core Elements. This exclusive training will show you how to put together an entire screen story from just a spark of inspiration.

Starting with just an idea, Mitchell German demonstrates how to use Plot Control 2.0 and the Core Element Method. Step-by-step he methodically builds an entire story for a movie, with it’s characters, plots, themes and everything that a movie MUST have to succeed in the competitive Hollywood marketplace. After you watch these videos, you will have NO DOUBT as to the process and story building power that is built into the software Plot Control 2.0.

The Core Element Story Foundation Worksheets - These will allow you brainstorm the core elements outside the confines of the software; especially if you’re the kind of person who really likes to work things out on paper.

The Core Element Story Structure/Timeline Worksheets - Like the foundation worksheets, these allow you to work through the structure of your movie on paper but with all of the key structural moments clearly identified for you.

FIVE Different Character Development Worksheets - These will help you to develop three dimensional characters, while you maintain a clear focus on the real purpose of character development by asking the right questions, and thinking through your character’s relationship to the rest of your movie.

Scene & Sequence Worksheets - As you use the software and zero in on the specific scenes and sequences that will be required for your story, these worksheets will help you to identify the specific details such as character actions and dialogue that are really the anchors to any scene or sequence.

Plot Control 2.0 is valued at $139 BUT

We’re going to give you access to THREE FULL LICENSES (that’s a $417 Value) instead of one, so you can use it across multiple machines.

And remember…this software works equally well on both MAC and Windows.

Plot Control 2.0 and the Core Elements were created to give you a complete process and a simple tool to walk you through the key components of your screenplay.


BUT if you act right now, you won’t pay anywhere near that…

WOW! “…this programme is worth its weight in gold.”

Writer’s Guild of South Africa – Official Newsletter

On top of everything you can use Plot Control 2.0 for 30 Days to really try this out RISK FREEyou have absolutely nothing to lose.

If after using the program you decide that it’s not for you, then WE DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! We will gladly refund everything you paid and we’ll invite you to keep all of the Bonus items as our gift.

This is a screenshot from Reelwriting’s Plot Control 2.0.

This is a screenshot from Reelwriting’s Plot Control 2.0.

This is a screenshot from Reelwriting’s Plot Control 2.0.

This is a screenshot from Reelwriting’s Plot Control 2.0.

This is a screenshot from Reelwriting’s Plot Control 2.0.