Don’t Take Our Word For It…

“I approached Mitchell for assistance on a project I have in development. His guidance was insightful and hugely helpful. Mitchell’s unique approach to screenwriting and his innovative custom software brought instant clarity to both the characters and structure of my project. I would highly recommend Plot Control as an invaluable tool for developing a screenplay.”
Diane Nabatoff, Producer (Tiara Blu Films): Girl Soldier, Take the Lead, Narc, Fear

“Mitch has developed a unique and extremely useful program to assist writers in developing a fool proof story. Having produced, written and directed movies and television for thirty years, this screenplay program is the most useful tool I have ever seen. Plot Control is the best tool for the young and established writer in helping them map out a successful story.”
Rocky Lang, Producer/Director/Writer, White Squall (A Ridley Scott Film), Nervous Ticks, Titanic

“In the 15 years I’ve been writing for TV and film, I have never come across a system so intuitive to the writer’s needs. This is why movies used to be better than they are now. It’s easily going to shortcut the story breaking on all my projects from now on. Its value was so clearly demonstrated when we had Mitchell sit in on a script meeting on one of my projects and in a matter minutes he identified and help solve a major plot issue that had been eluding us for weeks.”
Jeremy Miller, Writer/Producer: Entourage, Boston Public, We Are Marshall (Script Doctor), Ghost of Girlfriends Past (Script Doctor)

“Good story telling starts with good structure… and good structure starts with Plot Control. This software is like structure on steroids. It structures a story’s “Core Elements”, it “Triangulates” & structures your thematic elements, and of course it structures your three acts. With Plot Control structure is just done for you. (Very Cool.)”
Andy Jenkins, Producer and Partner: Haxan Films

“I met Mitchell and Howard recently at the Inktip Conference in Los Angeles. After hearing a little more about what they do, I challenged Mitchell to assist me with a project that I had been hired to write. In fact, I remember telling him that I had to leave in about 45 minutes and Mitch said, “I need 10”. We sat down…just the two of us with his software Plot Control. He asked me questions, filled in the blanks, and all of the holes in my story become abundantly clear. In fact, it was inspiring. I had been struggling with the 3rd act and putting off delivery, but with the help of Plot Control it was like I plowed through a creative wall. Everything became clear. Since working with Mitch, I was able to re-craft the entire outline and get it to my Producers for approval. In fact they loved the new work.”
Steven Goldmann, DGA, DGC, Broken Bridges (Paramount), Trailer Park of Terror (Summit)

“As a TV writer, I was excited and drawn to experiment with Plot Control to see if I could apply it to television scripts. The way it’s organized, it forces you to fill in the information that makes your story more complete, while at the same time it simplifies the process, so you can keep your mind focused on storytelling. One of the challenges of writing alone is trying to think of all the different perspectives to make your story work, but not with Plot Control. At a glance, I can view everything on one page pictorially, and I don’t have to read through 24 pages of an outline. I am excited to write a feature using this program. Oh yeah… it’s easy to use. (Seriously!) (Even for me.)”
Cindy Lichtman: Ally McBeal, The Practice

“I feel like a week’s worth of progress was made in an hour this morning. That’s a very satisfying feeling.”
Jared Wynn, Ink Tip

“Very fine program! I’ll be recommending it to my screenwriting students”
Charles Deemer, Portland State University, Author of “Practical Screenwriting”

“I’d just like to say that your course is literally the best information that exists TODAY in screenwriting fundamentals! I originally got into the Hollywood system as in intern in production back in 1999 with the goal of becoming a writer and actor. I’ve been around the block as far as reading books, going to workshops, and even being friends with well connected executives, and none of that ever helped, or even came close to what you have taught me in 3 weeks!! I’m still blown away every single day. You’ve taken all of the guesswork out of screenwriting and I can now move forward with complete confidence that I will be a full-time writer as soon as my work gets out there over the next few months in the various competitions available. With an original idea, and backed by your formula, you basically become UNSTOPPABLE! Thank you again!”
Philip A. Raya, Screenwriter, Reelwriting Client

“At first I was confused by you sending the emails while I was trying to grasp the Modules and 11 questions and adapt them to my very unique idea; you blew my mind by randomly picking a song title and building off of it and I didn’t and still don’t have a title but I do have answers for the 11 questions and know what the title will say. Now just as the sub-plots are beginning to open up a host of bright new (colorful) angles and I’m about to go crazy trying to put the right twist on this rubik cube of a story; you come with the rubik cube analogy. Awesome!”
Lloyd of Richmon, Current Reelwriting Client

“I have been looking at Plot Control 2 for the last couple of weeks. I saw you again tonight while on Facebook. I decided to purchase. I am so glad I did. This is just what the “Doctor” ordered! I am very excited. This is going to give me the tools necessary to be successful. I am very confident now. I will tell my friends this is the ticket. It does work like your advertisement. Please know this about me. I do not throw complements around everyday. I must be completely satisfied and confident in the product or I don’t comment.”
Bill Shaffer, Current Reelwriting Client

“My family is sick of hearing me say how much I love Plot Control, but it’s exciting to use something that forces me to focus on the story, plot, characters, subplots, theme… you know. The training videos are great. Now I have all my ideas in one place, I can print an outline anytime, and my walls are free to display family pictures instead of index cards. You’ve made a great product. I love you guys.”
Bettie Styurak, Current Reelwriting Client

“I’ve done a few courses and read dozens of books over the years and never got even close to a decent script. After just two months or so in this program I have a first draft and even interested producers. This course showed me how to do it (which no book could) and the private coaching with Mitchell German helped me to refine the concepts clearly. Without this course I would still just be sitting with a few index cards and a disjointed story.”
Martin Nel, South Africa, Platinum Private Client

“I’ve read heaps of books and attended countless seminars on writing screenplays. ReelWriting makes the most sense to me. It’s a step-by-step guide to cracking your screenplay’s core story that has already saved me months (perhaps years!) of precious time. Even better, working personally with Mitchell German has expedited the writing process. His structuring of key elements is genius.”
Donna Sozio (Bestselling author of Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers (Kensington 2007) and The Man Whisperer (Adams Media 2011).

“I know writers who pay $250 -$300 a month for “mentoring” from established experts and from what I’ve seen of the results… you kick their ass.
Tim Elliott, Current Reelwriting Client

“I just purchased Plot 2.0 a couple of days ago, and already I see where I went wrong in writing my script. You have to take the time to answer the 11 Questions in reference to your idea. You may think that you have put in the work, but these questions are what you should be asking yourself before you begin to write. I have been waiting for a software program such as this to help ‘storyboard’ my ideas. Thank you so much and I plan to put this to good use beginning this week!”
Irene Conde, Current Reelwriting Client

“I just want to say thanks for the useful information you’ve given me. About a year ago, I came up with an idea for a screenplay. I started writing the story and shortly after, the script. Only, I had no idea how to do that! Therefore, I started consulting articles, books and pages on screenwriting, but I could never really grasp the point of it all. But when I found and started reading about the core element method, I started to understand the fundamentals of screenwriting. I could tell by the very first lesson that this method would help me write a great script.”
Chelsea Tjin-Kon-Koen, Netherlands

“Thanks for the great lessons and profound work. You’re method and knowledge of movie structure is the best. I really dig Plot Control software and info. I am trying to finish up a rewrite on two of my scripts and polish and finish two others. Now, I just need more time to do it! Thanks.”
Christopher Blackwell, Current Reelwriting Client

“I recently bought a copy of Plot Control, and I have to say it’s awesome. I finally have a concrete system for outlining. Up until now my spiral notebook of random ideas was my prewriting process, but I can now focus on the use of proper story structure. I also found that I can easily work on multiple projects at the same time. You guys will be in the list of “thank yous” when I accept my Oscar.”
Ryan Binse, Current Reelwriting Client

“This program has clarified how I look at plotting and has really helped me overcome issues and “see” the dynamics through Plot Control. It just makes good sense. I really have appreciated Howard’s help and the rewrite is going very well… Maybe because I know where I’m going!!”
Dawn Crouch, Current Reelwriting Client

“I was literally blown away just now by the strength of this system. I’ve been having some problems with a project I’ve been working on. I had all the components but when I put them together it resulted in a mess for which I could not think up a suitable ending. So I decided to use the 11 Questions. I answered ONE question, #8: What is the underlying idea or concept that is expressed by the PLOT or even the TITLE of your movie? By answering that one single question, I was able to come up with a Theme that changed everything for the better and gave me the hook on which I can now hang my characters and an ending with a twist. Thank You!”
Harvey Jacobs, Current Reelwriting Client

“I couldn’t help but tell you that you have blown me out’a of the water. I’m a beginner and have bought a lot of ‘books’. My first script is 60 pages so far and I am stumped! Nowhere to go until now. I have read all those books and read all those parts of scripts and quotes, parts of action, etc in movies without explanation, or not much. They go on and on, but I can’t get it. It’s like other software, nothing is explained directly, underlined or marked. They don’t show me what part I want to understand so I can grasp it. Everything is in a couple of lines or a 1/4 of a paragraph. Now with yours I can rewrite and get going. I thank you mate, and my wife is having a go too. (I mean at writing).”
Grant Trumper, Current Reelwriting Client

“I’m really enjoying the software. The visual aspect of outlining really speaks to me.”
Cheryl Farr, Current Reelwriting Client

“Gday Mitchell, I must say I am getting many new and better explained insights from the course. Lovin’ it! I’m 66 and a songwriter, who came to screenwriting through a pro screenwriter friend. I’ve been addicted ever since and am on my third solo project.”
Stewart Wauchop, Current Reelwriting Client

Hi Mitch – just a few comments – I’ve gained an insight into what you are teaching. I now realize the power of having the Core Elements – especially the Primary Situation and the Primary Obstacle. It just anchors you, details can be changed later, but not on the Core story elements. Another insight I had… the characters are about the story – not the other way around. Also nailing down the Midpoint Scene was key. I now understand this. Right now, I am “building”, not “writing”, a screenplay. I have to build it first, build the foundation, frame and walls. This is first – I now get it. The details… the paint, carpet and furniture comes later. I am thinking about that stuff, but I can’t start with it and be successful. So when I was missing the Midpoint, I was stuck. Even if I had one, I could feel that it was the wrong one. Laying it in place was like installing one of the load bearing walls of the structure. Even more, the insight I have realized is that the story plot, the core elements, are the story engine. They actually “generate” the characters. It’s from there that the story and the characters reveal the themes. So now, as I read through Act 1 notes I have created, and start to drop in the descriptions from the Scenes and Sequences worksheets from the Fast & Easy Action Guides, I am aware of the sewing together process. I know what thematic elements are important that will be fully revealed later in Act 2 Tier 2 and Act 3. For instance, one of the major themes is truth and lies. Several angles and “species” of truth and lies are evident. Kind of a rubric and layered in so many ways because I was able to think it through so clearly. Lies you tell to others with intent, those you tell without intent, then those lies you tell yourself, both consciously and subconsciously. Also my subplots are really taking shape. And so is are the relationships in my main plot. Both involve different versions of truth and lies.”

Gary Sheehan, Platinum Private Client

“Hello ReelWriting—

I wish to thank InkTip for introducing us to your site. I’ve been a student of Truby for long years and Syd Field — and they all have my respect, but when I watched and listened to Mitchell German, his honesty, sincerity, and genuine desire to share his knowledge had us enroll in the Mega Course. He is easy to listen to, a delight, really, and the software is functional, quite brilliant; the content is truly exciting.

Reviewing the site, the content, the software, and considering how you translated it to a format that is user-friendly, even for beginners, but also a refreshing re-introduction to the craft (plus art) of screenplay development for professionals — is a remarkable achievement. The software compliments the content flawlessly. It is an engaging mix of craft and creative ingenuity. And the means with which you interrupted complex story elements and break them down with practical examples from movies supports and reaffirms every statement you make, and the power of Plot Control.

In fact, I’m so impressed with this wonderful man and his program, that we are recommending it to everyone we know, in the writers guild, here in Australia, and the Producers Association as well, plus fellow colleagues.

Thank you.”

Jim Healy, Caesar’s Sword Productions, Platinum Private Client

“Hi Mitchell—

I just wanted to drop you a note of appreciation. I’m working through the Mega Course, and took a break to go through the Action Guides. This has really clarified some things for me.

I know what story to work on now. I’ve got a few projects in progress, but one just fell into place as I looked through your material. It was like a secret code key. Once I saw your template, every part of one of my stories seemed to just ‘appear’ in the boxes of the core elements sheet. I understood my subplots, who are the theme related characters, and where they fit and in which subplot. The idea of a theme related character had never occurred to me, and understanding just that makes a huge difference.

I don’t have a love interest, but after reading the Love Interest page of the Action Guides I realized I have a “Hate Interest” instead.

This is really cool, I’m dropping my other projects now, since I discovered that one of them is much further developed than the others.

Again, Thanks Mitchell.”

Rick DeMille, Current Reelwriting Client

“Hi Mitchell—

I’m really loving your course! I’ve been writing for about five years and read just about everything on the market, but I’ve always had a problem with a little thing called “structure” – hence my current page one rewrite.

I was seriously contemplating giving writing away when a fortnight ago I received an email from InkTip advertising your software. Initially I thought, yeah, just another software I’ll buy and won’t use… but when I watched your intro videos I was hooked, and the college movie example was the icing on the cake.

I’m a firm believer that some people learn by reading and some people learn by watching. I must be the later. But not only that, I’ve had some amazing insights like the antagonist doesn’t have to be an actual person, it can be an antagonising situation, and to really get to know your characters, write key scenes about their life that don’t appear in the movie but enable you to get a handle on the character. Love it!

This program is definitely worth its weight in gold. Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable program. All us aspiring writers are extremely grateful!

Kind regards”

Kim Jacobs, Australia, Platinum Private Client


Just wanted to share with how a simple statement can change the way you view the world. In today’s email you gave us the following:

“We could tell a story about a down and out divorced man who hadn’t seen his own child in nearly 15 years… Or perhaps we could tell a story about a looney fun loving guy who borrows wads of cash from a loan shark so he can party like there’s no tomorrow… Or we could tell a meaningful love story about a couple that sees this final opportunity to have that “forbidden” relationship.

Of course in the case of Armageddon, they tell the story about a roughneck oil rigger who saves the world from the asteroid. What’s interesting about these the four ideas is that every storyline I just mentioned is in the movie except that the first three are subplots and the last one, the one the movie is truly about, is the main plot… the REAL STORY. It’s the something that’s happening to someone.”


You can’t imagine what you’ve done for me today. Thank you!”

Tim Elliott, Reelwriting Academy Member

“When I saw the initial write-up on this piece of software, the first thing that struck me was that this was exactly what the attendees of our workshop with Savo Tufegdzic on fast and efficient writing wanted after the seminar. The second thing that struck me was that it was actually affordable for writers in countries like South Africa, which have an often prohibitive exchange rate to the US Dollar.

On making contact with Mitchell German, the American producer and script doctor who has designed the programme, it became even more obvious that I was dealing with an industry professional who not only knew what he was talking about, but who could also appreciate the tough times writers often go through.

I can now report that, thanks to Mitch, a review copy of Plot Control is installed on my computer and that I’ve had a couple of days to play with it. While the download was fast and easy, I did encounter a small hiccup when I realized that I needed a Microsoft programme called Silverlight version 4 before installation. It’s a free download from the internet (

Then install, activate and get ready to be creative.

The programme launches with what really is a software application to map out and structure your story and develop your characters. From there it leads you to explore the core elements of your story before looking at the story triangulation. This was the most interesting part for me as it reveals how the story structure has a domino effect on the main character and his personal goal, and forces you to relate all the different story elements and plot points back to the character’s primary objective.

The programme then looks at the three act story structure and spells out the major turning points, allowing even novice writers to quickly fashion a script or screenplay which is structurally sound and has all the elements to make it successful.

I found Plot Control to be extremely helpful in keeping track and utilizing all the different story elements to their best ability. It really is a handy tool for all writers and, for newer writers who have not had the luxury of attending a Sediba course or specialized scriptwriting school, this programme is worth its weight in gold.”

Writer’s Guild of South Africa – Official Newsletter

“Thank you so much for your prompt reply. Much appreciated!

First of all I would like to say how much I am enjoying the Plot Control Program, the PDF Academy Download Handouts, and being a member of the Mega Course!

It is a breakthrough system and worth every penny! I am a VERY satisfied new client.

Mitchell has done a very great thing. I have read every screenwriting book out there! Each one has some very good elements of skill and technique guidance, but I am trying to attain the highest skill level to write the best script I can on this tremendous story.

Plot Control is helping us cut to the theme essence to find just the core scenes that are needed for the right thematic emotional impact. It was the final tool we needed in conjunction with the 11 Questions and the other materials.

Mitchell’s system was THE SYSTEM we were looking for. It is worth every penny. I am very, very, very happy with it and a very satisfied client! You have done a VERY GREAT THING and I am extremely grateful!

Sorry for the misunderstanding! At $355 then, it is money very well spent! Best to all of you and every blessing upon you!”

Craig Parke, Pittsburgh, PA

“Greetings Mitchell…

It’s been 3 weeks since I ordered Reelwriting and I have to tell you it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in relation to the craft of screenwriting.

I’ve read every book under the sun and even the one’s I liked very much (Dara Marks Inside Story, for example, with it’s emphasis on writing from theme) don’t go into the width and depth your series does. It’s almost a graduate class in theory and structure which is so great!

Going over my most recent screenplay it seems I intuitively mapped out a structure similar to your Structure Template but without a grasp on “how” or a handle on “why” and it took me FOREVER!

I can see my instincts on the building blocks of story are good but I needed exactly what your series offers: In-depth explanation and a structural blueprint.

My subplots were all related to theme (but not conscientiously) so having the Thematic Gap to exploit and brainstorm with is a huge piece of the puzzle I was missing.

I keep going back over the lessons and pick up something new every time.”

Robert K. of Florida (Full name withheld by request)

“I have to say I’m thrilled with how quickly and simply the program has made me focus on the core of the story, nail down the theme of my newest script and find the link I needed to tie them together. Love it. Thank you!!!”
Margaret Riseley
“I attended your presentation at the latest Ink Tip Pitch Summit. I just started using Plot Control and the results thus far have been tremendous. This software makes the outlining stage of the process fly by.” Naaman Rodges, Ink Tip Subscriber
“Everything is fine. I received your registration directions right after I had sent the e-mail. I am already using the software for my new book and I am loving it…” Christos Rodoulla Tsiailis
“The software is excellent and I find using it easy and extremely helpful.” H. Tucker
“I have looked at your software in detail and worked with it and I do not regret purchasing it, at all, it is easy to use, it works well with an amateur like myself (and by the way, my sixteen year old daughter is currently using it and loves it).” Carlos Torres
“Thank you for the link to Plot Control. We checked it out, and purchased the software. It is truly effective. It’s pleasant to listen to Mitchell German, and what an achievement he and his team have accomplished with developing this program. Thank you so much!” J & B (InkTip Subscribers)
“The software is quite wonderful and easy to use.” Henry Ede
“Just about to sleep when I remembered what you said about the great movies being about “something else.” The movies came to me mind… Jackob’s Ladder we figured was about “A traumatized Vietnam war veteran finds out that his post-war life isn’t what he believes it to be when he’s attacked by horned creatures in the subway and his dead son comes to visit him.” But he’s really dying in a hosital tent in Vietnam and we’re really watching his soul battling his fears and at the end we see him die in the hospital. In The Others with Nicole Kidman: A woman who lives in a darkened old house with her two photosensitive children becomes convinced that her family home is haunted. But she and her family are really dead and the actual ghosts. And finally: The Sixth Sense: A boy who communicates with spirits that don’t know they’re dead seeks the help of a disheartened child psychologist who doesn’t know he is dead and it is only revealed at the end. Here’ my point: How right you are, Mitch. And what a startling impact those movies had on me! Thanks so much for opening my mind… and why? Because you’ve just opened up such potential for my scripts!” Jim Healy, Australia, Private Coaching Student
“I’m pleased that I’m doing your course because I’ve read a lot of “how-to” books, but the problem has always been that they don’t show you “how to”. I’m tired of theory and was glad to see how practical yours was.” Martin Nel, Germany
“I love your plot control software. I have completed the screenplay that I started after buying the software. I have written five screenplay and adapted my novel to a miniseries, but I think in this one, I have hit all of the marks.” Lloyd Hunter, CA, US
“Hi Mitchell. The lessons are great. I enjoy watching movies even more now. I have 5 movies in my head that I hope to write.” John Goodman, New Jersey
“Hello, Just wanted to stop in to say how much that this course has helped open my eyes to the world of screenwriting, and to the world of movies, altogether. I genuinely look at movies in a different way now. They make more sense on some level, and that seems to add to their entertainment value, not detract from it. This course has been fantastic and I will be going over all of the modules again, I’m sure, at least once more.” Ken Stansel, Texas
“Very useful lessons. You obviously have a big talent to explain difficult concepts.” Marie-Helene Leopold, France
“The course itself has changed the way I write and think about writing, and I am very grateful.” Ben Hilton, U.K.
“I once had an agent tell me “incredible story, terrible structure, can’t sell it period!” Now, I know why.” Steven Bryner, Arizona
“Mitchell, Just a note to say thanks for all the time and effort you put into this course. What you offer for the price is simply amazing but to add this software into the bargain… You must be insane! Thanks for your passion, your belief in writers, and your desire to get it right.” Tim Elliot, Australia
“I wanted to let you know I couldn’t be happier with my decision. This is terrific information offered in a clear and concise manner. I am taking detailed notes and am looking forward to putting it all together. Can’t wait to get to theme and structure.” Robert Kusch, Florida
“I must remark that the Theme Module is truly a masterpiece of human inter-relationships.” Jim Healy, Australia
“The scene heading exercise has sparked so many ideas I was really amazed! And also, the scene headings really helped me to differentiate between the three minor characters in my screenplay and the “major” players. Everything is a lot clearer and every role has become more appropriate.” Martin Nel, South Africa
“Wow…! As an experienced screenwriter I really did not think the intro would provide me with any “lightbulb” moments. Man, was I wrong. The Liar Liar example simply blew me away and helped solve a problem I’ve been having with a script that rated a “recommends” in coverage but still just didn’t feel right. Huge thanks!” Tim Elliot, Australia
“Thank you for your supportive E-mail. I’m greatly encouraged by everything I’m learning. I didn’t think I would ever find anything so comprehensively specific on the craft of screenwriting.” D.T., Hastings, U.K.
“Just a big thanks for your product and continued writer support through Mitchell German’s e-mails. I have enjoyed the benefits of creativity of your software and I very much encourage you to expand your market to novel writers as well. Also, I wanted to mention that of the many social feeds I subscribe to about writing, yours is the one I look forward to and actually read. The conversational tone and sincere advice is encouraging and the timing is not overwhelming. Thank you for providing a marvelous product and genuine support.” Jen Kaczmarek, Washington State, US
“I am greatly looking forward to your program on teaching how to write a screenplay! So far I’ve seen the first three modules in the first section and they are excellent… Your course is phenomenal!” Chawnaw Kahn, N.J.
“I’m impressed! Very easy to use and extremely beneficial, especially with all its capabilities – export to Movie Magic Screenwriter, compiling random thoughts into a cohesive summary and I really like the ‘triangulation’ component.” John B., U.S.
“Hi Mitch, Thank you so very much for allowing me to study your Reel Writing course. I am blown away by the information you have passed on to me,I have never had such a great understanding of putting a story together. I may be at the Pitch Fest and hope to catch up with you their.” John McConnel, Australia
“How was the webinar? Great, thanks. It really answered my question. I have attended webinars before but it was the first time I could speak live with someone. That was fun.” Manon Valle, Canada
“I want to thank you for the wonderful webinar today. The kindness and generosity shown by you, Sean Wander and Howard Reichman to the callers and listeners I’m sure was very much appreciated.You answered many questions I had and clarified ideas with your examples. To each caller you gave time and information and even seemed excited to have the opportunity to answer. I am working on the Plot Control Core Elements and today’s webinar was very helpful to me. Thank you again.” Kathleen S., U.S.
“YES!!! … at least someone is supporting creativity as the guiding light in what was becoming a dark tunnel of repetitious boredom. Brainwashed: If you aren’t a practicing McKee’nite you’re incapable of writing correctly, and more importantly selling. BS!!! Thx!” C. Butler, U.S.
“I have to tell you, I have learned more from Reelwriting than I ever learned from any other system, including Save the Cat, and other books. Mitchell is a genius. He even taught a geek like me how to write a great screenplay.” John L Kunkle, Salinas, CA, US
“I get why theme is so important. After going through “Module 3: Theme” it is crystal clear. Theme is not an easy concept to get across. Especially what you mean by the theme being the conceptual opposite of the main character’s goal. Cudos on hammering the information through to get your point across in the lessons. I’ve had a real breakthrough with my current project and I’m actually working several “themes” using supporting characters and the thematic gap into my outline. Good job.” Chris C., New Jersey
“ I love the fact that you’ve totally turned my world upside down; made me think thoughts I never knew were in there; taught me more than most mentors combined; and brought a dimension to my script I never thought imaginable, and for all this, I am truly, truly grateful. ” B. Ashdown, OH, US
“Hello to all. I am rewriting my second feature entitled “Battle of Heaven”. I’ve had a couple of L.A. consultants read parts or all, and I’ve gotten really good feedback. My first feature entitled “To Kill For” got me in the top 20% of either the AAA or Scriptapalooza contest about 5 years back. I purchased Plot Control and the Mega Course last week and spent the 4th of July weekend going over the entire course. It really opened my eyes, in a way other systems have not. So, I think this is the beginning of a long and productive relationship.” Eddie Gonzalez, Current Reelwriting Customer

(Important Disclaimer: Testimonials and feedback from industry professionals and Reelwriting students are REAL and have been provided willingly and without any compensation in return. Use of the methods taught in this program do not guarantee any specific results. Individual results will vary based on the amount of effort and creativity that is invested.)